• Hello & Welcome to the Personal Branding and Headshot Collections!

  • Headshots and Personal Branding


    Your first impression handshake

    Headshots are focused on the face and is your virtual handshake to the world

    Personal Branding Photos

    A collection of photos for your personal brand

    Branding images is a mixture of photos typically for your website, social media, and marketing that include more variety and the environment you're in

  • Headshot pricing plan

    Headshots are your virtual handshake

    Solo headshot



    1 image, 3 formats

    Each additional image: 90


    Solo headshot collection


    3 images, 3 formats each

    Group rates


    150 session fee +

    2-5 people (150 per person)

    6-10 people (125 per person)

    11+ people (100 per person)


    1 image per person, 3 formats

  • Additional Headshot Info

    Each additional image is 90

    Each image comes with 3 formats (Linkedin, Web, High Resolution)

    (Note: Because the image is very close up and focused mainly on the face,

    images go through advanced editing so that the skin looks good, natural, and realistic)

  • Personal Branding Collections

    Have a collection of photos for your website

    Basic Plan

    A great way to get started


    60-min session

    1-2 outfits

    15-20 photos

    1 advanced edit


    Pro Plan

    For a personal brand photo update


    Half day session (3-4 hrs)

    3-7 outfits

    All photos good photos (80-100)

    5 advanced edits

    Yearly Plan

    For regular personal brand photo updates


    3x sessions of the Pro Plan that can be used throughout a calendar year 

  • Additional Personal Branding Info

    Each additional image is 70

    Advanced editing per image 90

    Additional hours per hour 240


    Standard Edits: Standard editing include image changes to exposure, color,

    contrast, sharpness, vibrancy, and cropping so the images looks good

    Advanced Edits: Optionally, for very close up images like close up headshots,

    images can go through advanced editing so that the skin texture

    looks good, natural, and realistic.)

  • What to Wear & Prep


    • Choose clothing that will speak to the people you're communicating with
    • Choose solid colors, and/or subtle patterns
    • Layer clothing, if the weather permits
    • Choose complementary colors to the background (for a park with greens: purple & reds work well)
    • Typically don't choose white unless it's an accent color (like a shirt under a jacket) or it's at a beach location
    • Make sure you come groomed, with nails clean, clothes pressed

  • About Me

    Just a little more about me...

    Hi! My name is Ed and I believe there's a great picture in everyone! My goal is to get you the best possible picture for you. I've always be fascinated with how great pictures get created, and I'm excited to share this with you. I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but can travel if needed. I've done portraits and weddings in Hawaii (3 times so far), Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Philippines, and Cancun -- you can view some of these on my website :)

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    Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy... Just leave your info, and I'll respond in a jiffy! (use the form below or email me so we can get in touch within 24 hours)

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