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    Hello! I'm here to ensure your photos and memories are effortlessly captured and absolutely breathtaking.


    My own journey into the world of photography began while searching for the perfect artist to preserve the memories of my special day. One glimpse at our chosen photographer's work, and I was smitten – I'd found my true passion. Ever since, I've been perfecting my craft, drawing inspiration from the greats, and developing a style that's uniquely mine.


    Picture this: a dreamy concoction of photojournalism, intricate detail, timeless elegance, and contemporary lifestyle portraiture, all infused with a hint of high-fashion chic – that's the enchantment I'll weave into your big day. For weddings, I'm all about capturing those heartwarming moments that transport me back to my own love story. And when it comes to bridal portraits, I'll make your true essence sparkle like a diamond, while ensuring you feel relaxed and at ease – you won't even realize you're posing! :)


    Oh, and just a little insider info: most people call me Ed, but my family knows me as Carlo (it's a nickname to avoid confusing me with my dad, who's also named Ed).



  • In case you're curious, here's more about me:


    I've been published in dozens of publications such as popular ones like Martha Stewart Weddings at Marvin and Tracy's Surprise Wedding Proposal


    Link: https://www.marthastewart.com/7867744/perfect-proposals?slide=c0a73c93-7f84-4269-b1ed-9605dd1b2e25#c0a73c93-7f84-4269-b1ed-9605dd1b2e25

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    As well as my video work in Style Me Pretty at

    James and Tiffany's Wedding.


    Link: https://www.stylemepretty.com/2022/07/07/a-luxe-wine-country-wedding-with-an-epic-dance-party/

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    Named 3 best rated wedding photographers

    I been named one of three best rated wedding photographers in Santa Clara in 2022. Link: https://threebestrated.com/wedding-photographers-in-santa-clara-ca

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    Professional Beauty Association 2017 Award

    In 2017 our team won the largest national beauty competition for our Game of Thrones inspired beauty editorial -- it's a fashion/beauty/editorial competition (hair, makeup, nails -- we were the nail fashion category). 120 judges went through submissions and picked ours for our category. See the Professional Beauty Association NAHA page and an article about the win in Nails Magazine. The picture below is us on stage! (The model is Jacqueline Hatch, Phoebe Dingman, makeup artist on the left, Rochelle Dingman, from Shear Fashion Salon, Nail Artist of the Year 2017 in the middle, and me on the right).

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    Professional Beauty Association 2019 & 2020 Finalist

    In 2019 we were finalists once again in the NAHA competition. We didn't win this time around, but it was still a great experience. I've written a blog post about NAHA 2019 here.
    In 2020, we've received notification of being finalists for NAHA. We get to find out if we won in January.
    Also in 2019, Peerspace named me one of the Top 12 best fashion photographers in San Francisco. My weddings are fashion inspired and that's why they look similar and they could go together! The same lights I use for fashion, I also use for weddings. :)
    Credit: Photo below is from a screen capture from the Professional Beauty Association NAHA 2017 video. NAHA 2017 Awards in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Game of Thrones Inspired Nail Beauty Editorial
    (Squint hard to see us there on stage)

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    One of 12 best fashion photographers in San Francisco

    I work on fashion on the side and a nice side effect is that your wedding photos will have a fashion flair!
    Link: https://www.peerspace.com/resources/best-fashion-photographers-san-francisco/

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