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    Hello! I believe there's a great picture in all of us. And I'll make that happen for you! :) I got into photography when I was about to get married and had to hunt for a photographer. The photographer we chose inspired me to create work in the lines of people instead of landscape. Since then, many photographers have inspired me -- I take what I learn from them and apply it to my pictures. My style is natural, clean, and crisp beautiful looking portraits with a hint of fashion -- you can think of it as an eclectic mix of the what's best in the best styles of photojournalism, detail, and classic and lifestyle portraiture. For weddings, I love capturing all the moments that the couple experiences which remind me of my very own wedding. In portraits, I love to capture the essence of person.

    P.S. Most people know me as Ed and my family knows me as Carlo mainly to distinguish between me and my dad whose name is also Ed. I'll respond to either name :) 

    San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

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  • 2017 Award Winning Photographer, 2019 & 2020 Finalist, and The 12 Best Fashion Photographers in San Francisco (2019)

    In 2017 our team won the largest national beauty competition for our Game of Thrones inspired beauty editorial -- it's a fashion/beauty/editorial competition (hair, makeup, nails -- we were the nail fashion category). 120 judges went through submissions and picked ours for our category. See the Professional Beauty Association NAHA page and an article about the win in Nails Magazine. The picture below is us on stage! (The model is Jacqueline Hatch, Phoebe Dingman, makeup artist on the left, Rochelle Dingman, from Shear Fashion Salon, Nail Artist of the Year 2017 in the middle, and me on the right).


    In 2019 we were finalists once again in the NAHA competition. We didn't win this time around, but it was still a great experience. I've written a blog post about NAHA 2019 here.


    In 2020, we've received notification of being finalists for NAHA. We get to find out if we won in January.


    Also in 2019, Peerspace named me one of the Top 12 best fashion photographers in San Francisco. My weddings are fashion inspired and that's why they look similar and they could go together! The same lights I use for fashion, I also use for weddings. :)


    Credit: Photo below is from a screen capture from the Professional Beauty Association NAHA 2017 video.

    NAHA 2017 Awards in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Game of Thrones Inspired Nail Beauty Editorial

    (Squint hard to see us there on stage)

    Professional Beauty Association 2017 Winner

    NAHA Beauty Photographer: NAHA 2019

    As you can see, it was a packed house at the Long Beach Convention center.

    NAHA Beauty Photographer: NAHA 2019

    NAHA 2019 Awards - Professional Beauty Association 2019 Finalist

    These are our finalist photos for NAHA 2019 being announced on stage.

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