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    Anyone use reference based note taking? I find that the notes I took previously and are all over the place (especially when learning from YouTube or other classes or any other mental notes I need to store and retrieve). I came across it recently and feel it's a better way of taking notes and...
    Not only did I do photos for Phoebe and Chris as you can see in my previous blog post, but I also did their wedding video as well. While it is very challenging (and crazy as some of my colleagues would say), it is doable if you plan it all out and make time for it. The cruise was in October 2019...
    I had the pleasure of being the photographer and videographer for Phoebe and Chris's wedding. Not only was this a wedding, but it was a Disney Cruise Wedding! Granted I've never been on a Disney cruise, let alone any type of cruise, I was excited and nervous at the same time. It's okay to have...
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