Disney Cruise Line Wedding Video and Photo Castaway Cay Caribbean Cruise - Phoebe and Chris

How I captured a Disney magical wedding video and photo simultaneously using three Sony bodies and an iPhone 11 Pro

Not only did I do photos for Phoebe and Chris as you can see in my previous blog post, but I also did their wedding video as well. While it is very challenging (and crazy as some of my colleagues would say), it is doable if you plan it all out and make time for it. The cruise was in October 2019 before the pandemic started, set to sail on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Line ship.

Phoebe originally asked me to take just photo, but I figured since I was there with essentially the same equipment, that I might as well take video as a "bonus". When else would you be going back to the Bahamas to do a Disney Cruise Line wedding? Because I did both photo and video, I decided to bring my Sony camera system for this trip: Two Sony A7IIIs, and one Sony A6500. I use a Canon 5dm4 as well mainly for stills, but I didn't want to bring another camera body and system. For the ceremony, since I was doing both photo and video at the same time, I used one Sony A7III for photos, and a Peak Design lens changer so I could swap lenses. I had the iPhone in the back towards the right, one Sony A6500 in the back moderately zoomed, and the other Sony A7III on a Benro self standing monopod with locking base. I also used a small gimbal to get the steady shots with my iPhone mounted on it.

It was probably the best experience anyone can have on a cruise.

bride with Minnie shoes and wedding dress at the disney cruise line fantasy ship

You can read and see the rest of the photos on my previous blog post.