NAHA Beauty Photographer: NAHA 2019

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NAHA Beauty Photographer: NAHA 2019 from the professional beauty association

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA - is the biggest photographic beauty competition (that includes not only hair, but also makeup and nails) in North America and they celebrated their 30 year anniversary in Long Beach (traditionally it was in Las Vegas). Our photos won the 2017 nail category, and Rochelle Dingman from Shear Fashion Salon was named nail professional of the year in 2017. We didn't enter in 2018 for nails, but this year, 2019, we were finalists once again for nails. Even though we didn't win this time around, I have better memories because I was more prepared to capture moments of the event I wanted to remember, and I had my family who also attended because they live in So Cal.

Our NAHA 2019 Team for Nails below on the red carpet

left to right: Ed Carlo Garcia (me) - photographer, Phoebe Dingman- hair and makeup, Rochelle Dingman (Shear Fashion Salon) - nails, Amy Vosters- model. Dennese Rodriguez, our other model attends college and couldn't attend.

naha beauty photographer 2019 Long Beach

Our photos being announced on stage as finalist. They do it just like the oscars -- you don't know until they announce everyone in that category.

naha nail photos 2019 long beach

It's great to have friends and family support your efforts

naha beauty photographer 2019 Long Beach

Rochelle Dingman, Phoebe Dingman, Sam Villa at NAHA 2019

Sam Villa, master hair stylist with Rochelle Dingman and Phoebe Dingman

The NAHA red carpet

naha red carpet

I'm always impressed at the fashion shows they have during the awards event -- it's so creative. The focus of this is hair, but whole thing has to come together like outfits, story, audio video visuals. This one is by Amiko.

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Amy, Rochelle, Phoebe at the red carpet taken by yours truly

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One of the winners... I wanted to capture how they show the photos they did, and then another screen of them talking

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The guest emcee

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You can see how big this event is. We're towards the center aisle, so there's the other half of the section I'm not showing.

naha 2019 at the long beach convention center