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How to batch auto-straighten in Lightroom

How to batch auto-straighten in Lightroom

Loving the auto straighten in Lightroom which works really well most of the time except you can’t batch it. Straightening is probably the most time consuming and tedious tasks in editing when you’re doing hundreds. It became really apparent in my downtown LA shoot where there were lots of lines.

So I wrote a short “autohotkey” script that will auto straighten for me in batch. Auto hotkey is free for Windows (there's a mac equivalent called keyboard maestro). To prime, load up your photo and hover your mouse on the auto straighten button in crop mode. The script will do the rest. Change the loop to the amount of photos to straighten.

Maybe I'm missing something -- let me know if you know a better way to straighten hundreds of images.

How to batch auto-straighten in Lightroom
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