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    Bay Area Graduation Photos - UC Berkeley I did these photos last week and coordinated with Chelsey Mori, future arts and entertainment lawyer who moved from Canada to go to school at UC Berkeley school of law. She invited her other friends, Helen, Alexis, Maria, and Laura to have the shoot to...
    Bridges Golf Club San Ramon Wedding Photographer - Filipino Cambodian Ruby and Sann found me on Yelp and we met locally to discuss their wedding at the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon. It took them a little while to get me booked, but Ruby mentioned that even though she looked at other...
    Cupertino Headshot Photographer - South Bay Orthdontics My photographer friend Christine referred her family client to me to do some headshots in Cupertino for South Bay Orthodontics. It started with a 1 hour conversation with Yuna so that we could plan out the shoot in April. Because people...
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