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    Fairmont Hotel SF Wedding Post Photographer - Priscilla and David The last stop at our post wedding tour was the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco. As we arrived, the valet was quite friendly and took care of our cars. We initially hit the stairs which apparently is a popular spot to take photos,...
    Palace of Fine Arts wedding post photo shoot - Priscilla and David Here's another set of pictures from the same post wedding photo shoot with Priscilla and David. We started out here at 8am since the Legion of Honor was still closed until 9:30am. At 8am, there were barely any tourists which...
    Legion of Honor wedding post photoshoot - Priscilla and David Included in David and Priscilla's package was a post wedding photoshoot at the Legion of Honor, Fairmont hotel, and the Palace of Fine Arts. Priscilla asked if she could bring her parents along which she totally loved, because this...
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