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    Bridges Golf Club San Ramon Wedding Photographer - Filipino Cambodian Ruby and Sann found me on Yelp and we met locally to discuss their wedding at the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon. It took them a little while to get me booked, but Ruby mentioned that even though she looked at other...
    Cupertino Headshot Photographer - South Bay Orthdontics My photographer friend Christine referred her family client to me to do some headshots in Cupertino for South Bay Orthodontics. It started with a 1 hour conversation with Yuna so that we could plan out the shoot in April. Because people...
    Vivek contacted me to take photos to surprise his girlfriend Sruti with a wedding ring on New Year's day 2019 at Baker Beach. The plan was to just take new years photos, and then when he gives me a cue, be ready to take photos of him proposing. Baker beach is nice because it has a backdrop of San...
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