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    How to batch auto-straighten in Lightroom Loving the auto straighten in Lightroom which works really well most of the time except you can’t batch it. Straightening is probably the most time consuming and tedious tasks in editing when you’re doing hundreds. It became really apparent in my...
    My top (10) secret photography gear - 2018 edition I'm always on the lookout for photography gear that will make me productive, efficient, effective, and ergonomic. Doing photography can be taxing on the body from shooting with heavy gear, to editing hours and hours. There must be a better way...
    March 26, 2018 · wedding photography,engagement
    San Jose Engagement Photographer - San Jose City Hall - Douglas and Sharon We took some engagement style photos of Sharon and Doug at San Jose City Hall's Rotunda Building. Doug and Sharon had their wedding 5 years ago, but they decided to celebrate by having photos for their anniversary --...
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