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  • Photography Collections (CCE Entertainment/ Ed Carlo Garcia)

    A collection of timeless wedding photos that document a day in the life of a couple's love.

    These photos are designed to be printed and displayed as keepsakes from one of the most important moments of your lives together.




    6 hrs coverage

    up to 6 hours coverage

    All raw high resolution digitals

    100 best photos edited




    Most popular


    6 hrs coverage

    up to 6 hours coverage

    All raw high resolution digitals

    300 best photos edited


    The works


    8 hrs coverage

    up to 8 hours coverage

    All raw high resolution digitals

    All best photos edited

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  • Find out more about Ed

    Hello. Meet Your Photographer.

    "I believe there's a great picture in everyone"

    Ed Carlo Garcia is a documentary wedding portrait photographer, and he has been working for more that ten years in the industry. His style of photography is unique and beautiful, it's a mix of modern with a classic touch, he likes to capture the moment but at the same time add some flare with his own style. He loves to tell stories and capture emotions. His work has been seen in some publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, SF Gate, Shark Tank, among others. Ed's beauty editorial photos also won the North American Hairstylist Awards in 2017, and got nominated in 2019 and 2020.


    Finally, Ed Carlo Garcia will work with you to plan and schedule what's important to you so you get the picture you want for your event. You have your ideas of what you want that I may not know about, so let's chat!


    "When I'm not doing photos, I like to spend time playing games with my two kids and our relatives. I also like playing other games on my VR and poker."

  • Collection Add-ons


    Photographer / Editing

    Additional photographer 970


    Additional hours 270/hr

    Editing 100 photos: 290


    Engagement Session

    690 (15 min local to Santa Clara)


    970 (Between SF and Monterey)


    Post Wedding Session




    All albums will have design and album editing included


    10x10 Capri 1200

    thin page, photo stock paper, 20 pages


    12x12 Roma 1700

    thick page, photo quality, 20 pages


    12x16 Sicilian 2400

    glass covered; thick pages, 20 pages


    Extra designed pages 90 per spread



    Purchases with physical products will be subject to sales tax


    Travel fee may apply - please inquire

    (Hawaii has no travel fee for a limited time!)


    Hours are continuous hours

  • Build your own (a-la-carte)



    2 hrs wedding coverage onsite

    All raw high resolution images



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