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    Vivek contacted me to take photos to surprise his girlfriend Sruti with a wedding ring on New Year's day 2019 at Baker Beach. The plan was to just take new years photos, and then when he gives me a cue, be ready to take photos of him proposing. Baker beach is nice because it has a backdrop of San...
    NAHA Beauty Photographer: NAHA 2019 from the professional beauty association The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA - https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2019/) is the biggest photographic beauty competition (that includes not only hair, but also makeup and nails) in North America and...
    My color management workflow - how to get vibrant colors in your photos Background: The best way for me to get vibrant colors and not have it look too saturated or incorrectly saturated is by having a good workflow for color management. A long time ago, I interviewed for the Apple iPhoto team...
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