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    My color management workflow - how to get vibrant colors in your photos Background: The best way for me to get vibrant colors and not have it look too saturated or incorrectly saturated is by having a good workflow for color management. A long time ago, I interviewed for the Apple iPhoto team...
    San Jose Sikh Indian Wedding Photographer | Teena and Dinesh Teena and Dinesh are San Francisco Bay Area tech professionals living in Saratoga. They contacted me about 3-4 weeks ago to be their wedding photographer at their 2-day wedding. Day 1 was at the Gurdwara, San Jose. Day 2 was at the...
    How to batch auto-straighten in Lightroom Loving the auto straighten in Lightroom which works really well most of the time except you can’t batch it. Straightening is probably the most time consuming and tedious tasks in editing when you’re doing hundreds. It became really apparent in my...
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